Cohort of Missioners:  A program that offers year-long experiences in which participants, known as Missioners, are immersed in a new culture by serving with local mission organizations at the grassroots level and are linked to fellow Missioners with whom they will communally participate in service, intensive learning, reflection, and spiritual formation.

Cohort: lit. “a group of people banded together or treated as a group.”  In this case, the Cohort consists of a group of missioners (see missioners) stationed at different Cohort Centers (see Cohort Center) linked together by their geographical location, ministry participation, and shared learning experiences.

Cohort Center:  The location at which Cohort Missioners are stationed to serve out their year-long commitment with a local mission organization.  In this case, the Central American Cohort of Missioners has bases (or centers) located in four locations: Guatemala City, Guatemala, San Salvador, El Salvador, Leon, Nicaragua, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Intensive:  A week-long learning experience in which Missioners travel to a neighboring Cohort Center to learn about and participate in the missional activities represented there as well as take part in group spiritual formation and reflection.

Missioner:  A participant in the Cohort Program. (Not to be confused with missionaries).


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